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Jakparty.soy is (supposed to be) a hub for oldfags created in 2022 by Luke "Lute" Smith, a gigachad who was arrested in 2023 for blowing up the Georgia Guidestones, which is probably why the site has almost no moderation. The site was created for preserving old Sharty culture, i.e soyquotes and OC.

Most natives left as it became a refuge for those banned from the Sharty, such as soylita posters, furries, and other degenerates whom Lute didn't ban in name of the no rulecucking policy, and since then the degenerates too left for other imageboards, leaving the site a barren husk.

Jarty kulture


  • Comfy: Jarteens used to describe the website as "comfy" because of  slow post but high quality OC, which kept it from being entirely dead but nonetheless made it feel comfy. However, this has changed, and many Jarteens no longer use the term.
  • Cem/Cemmy: A mixture of cute and gem. This term is used to describe cute posts that contain soytan or stratogem. But Out of the jarty cem has a completely different meaning. In the sharty "cem" means a mixture of gem and coal. "Cemmy" meaning "cute and gemmy" could possibly be a parody of the Twitter pedo slang "cunny" which "cute and funny" is a euphemism of.

Original content

  • Vargajak: Vargajak is a Jarty original soyjak . Whether it is a IAS or not is up to debate. When you see a verdajak you VVILL reply with "ugly woman".
  • /Liberty/ Posting: /liberty/ is a phrase used to describe a nebulous group of Norulescuck posters on the sharty and the jarty who like freedom and open source software and all that other shit. It's also the name of an ancient general on the jarty.
  • Jake x Nate Drawings: The Jarty's second OTP ship next to Stratogem x Lute. Beyond being furfags, this is all that Jarty is recognized for. It is rummored that the drawfag who created the Nate x Jake drawings is a 'fe foid but is most likely a autistic 16 year old faggot like xe claims in old posts.

Most posts are month old greentext soyquotes.